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Huib Oversloot

Management Trainee

A hearty, substantive discussion? I love it. How could it be otherwise with two parents in the field of political science? Social issues can be approached in several ways and that is exactly what I find so interesting about it; there is no single paved road. Not only an open attitude, but also good cooperation is essential to reach a solution. Humorously direct and with a critical note, I keep the whole team on top of our game!





Huib’s skills…

An eye for dynamics

Whether it concerns a project team, a debate group or my own football team; I quickly grasp the dynamics within a group. As I can easily connect with different characters, I know how to respond to them and improve both the atmosphere within and the performance of the team. 

To the core

Similar to grasping the underlying dynamics in groups, I like to get to the heart of matters in general as well. I easily extract the essence from long texts, spoken stories and discussions. This without losing the essence of the story. 

Communicatively strong

Grasping the heart of matters? I do not only help myself with that, but others as well. Whether it concerns writing, presenting or explaining things to others, I love working with language. I adapt the information to be conveyed to the receiver so that it comes across clearly. 

Devil’s advocate

Pleasing? Not my thing! It is precisely by challenging each other that we keep each other sharp. I offer counterbalance in a humorous, playful way. Is a team working in a too serious and structured way? Then I try to encourage more humour and creativity. Is it getting a bit too lax? Then I call for more structure! 

Huib is curious about…

I have a master’s degree in Global Business & Sustainability and am therefore very curious about how we can collectively ensure that financial prosperity can go hand in hand with improvements to our (living) environment. I am convinced that one thing does not necessarily exclude the other and I would like to contribute to this in practice.

I have worked on this project

Program secretary Strategic Reorientation SmartWays.nl at Province of North Brabant

As program secretary together with my team I was responsible for leading the restructuring of SmartWayz.nl. This program was a collaboration between different goverment organizations, communities, companies and knowledge institutions. The goal was to work on a smarter, safer and more sustainable mobility system in the south of the Netherlands. Next to the administrative responsibilities of my role I created an overview of interests of all stakeholders. During the project I found out that framing and concretising opinions and ideas is one of my strengths. This helped me to  contribute to SmartWayz.nl and the interests of different stakeholders.  

Huib tips…

My tip is the book ‘The Righteous Mind’ by Jonathan Haidt. In this book, Haidt presents all kinds of dilemmas on which we – including me – usually formulate an opinion in just a fraction of time. The subtitle of the book reads: ‘Why good people are divided by politics and religion‘. Haidt shows that our judgement and disapproval stem from our perspective. He then shows how it is possible that there is so much division between the right and left side of the political spectrum. Yet, it is precisely those perspectives that could contribute to a stronger, all-encompassing whole when they are combined appropriately. 

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