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Lisanne van Deijk

Management Trainee

My way of thinking? It is often slightly different from others. I can be sitting on a train and suddenly wonder how a train is actually washed. I immediately go to investigate and ha! I found out that there is a train wash in Zoetermeer. This curious and contrary view also comes in handy in my work. Fascinated, I look at the bigger picture and am open-minded towards people who do not think the same way!





Lisanne’s skills…


No, I don’t mind my words. Tactically and firmly I ask the very questions that most people like to dance around. That way I create clarity within certain situations and issues. 

Sincere feelers

Thanks to my natural feelers, I know what is going on at the deeper levels, both with my friends and within teams. Not only does this ensure connection, it also gives a “truer” picture of the situation at hand. 

Miss TO-DO list

Got the gist? Then it’s time for a good TO-DO list! Structured and dedicated, I get to work. 


As much as I like to finish that TO-DO list, I don’t let this inhibit my creativity! Even within the structure, I always keep open space for original ideas. 

Lisanne is curious about…

I’m fascinated by Scandinavia; it’s so pure and unspoiled there. Living in Norway for a while, that sounds like something I would like. The beautiful nature, that amazing language. How COOL would it be to learn to speak Norwegian? 

I have worked on these projects

Project Manager Outsourcing Global Financial Economic Crime at Rabobank

Together with my team I was responsible for scaling up the outsourcing project within Financial Economic Crime (FEC). FEC is a relatively new and therefore challenging concept in which Outsourcing is set up to mobilize extra capacity to contribute to the reduction of the workload. As a Project Management Officer I set up a data reporting system that is used to steer production and control quality based of key parameters. This allows us as a team to implement the right interventions. As an example of this we set up a learning and development program to make sure the external analysts all operate with the same basis knowledge. During the project, I developed myself in the field of international stakeholder management and working autonomously and proactively. I am pleased with the data reporting system I set up, especially since that reporting system is now used by the team on a daily basis! 

My manager says this about me: “Flexible, enthusiastic, pragmatic, and above all a DO-ER!” That’s how we would describe Lisanne during her time at Rabobank. In a relatively short time, she managed to take complex material and use it to further shape her final assignment. An assignment that consisted of a mix of diverse topics. With her commitment, focus, and the right mentality, she has made a significant contribution to further strengthen and optimize our Operations!”

Business Change Manager at ANWB Wegenwacht

As Business Change Manager for the ANWB, I was responsible for the successful roll-out of change projects within the Wegenwacht. I did this by meeting with stakeholders and then advising the Wegenwacht leadership team accordingly. I laid out what needed to be done, who needed to be kept informed and when we could say the implementation was a success. Often I had three or four projects running simultaneously, which I managed well because I am very good at keeping an overview for myself and others. One of the change projects was the rollout of loyalty discounts on car batteries that are replaced by roadside assistance on the road. I was not always involved in the technical content of the changes, but I was the first point of contact on the subject and weighed the input of the various stakeholders in order to make decisions. In terms of process, I always knew exactly what was going on and I was also responsible for communicating the change to the entire Wegenwacht organization. During this assignment I have become even better at recognizing and understanding the interests of my stakeholders and I have thus further developed my organizational sensitivity. I am proud how this helps me better and better to successfully complete my projects with satisfied stakeholders.

Lisanne tips…

Go to a cute coffeeshop, order a nice treat and take a good look around. Realize that every person there has their own life and that they all have their own problems. Most of the time, we are so busy with ourselves we forget to see others.

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