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Liselot Luja

Management Trainee

As a young girl, I loved stories. I could listen for hours to fairy tales and adventures, but I was most fascinated by stories about people. My sociological interest comes naturally. How do people and groups move? And how do they influence each other? As a true connector, I easily connect with the people around me. The social aspect gets space with me, but I certainly don't linger too long on this. I like speed, I like fire! The results? I am on top of that!





Liselot’s skills…


My analytical ability? I use that to oversee situations and issues. Whether it’s social processes or change processes, I quickly grasp the bottlenecks and potential solutions. 

The proactive connector

I get that overview not only thanks to my rational brain. I can sense people and situations very clearly. Proactively I know how to anticipate and connect with different people in a natural way. 


When the situation is clear and the connections are made, I know how to get the people around me to move in a creative way. Open-minded and curious, I come up with ideas and tools to move in the right direction together. 


Once everyone has the goal in mind, the gentle connector in me makes room for some fire! This is the time to catch on and bite down. Because those results? I’d love to get them! 

Liselot is curious about…

I am curious about the change process in practice. What choices are made for the design of this process, how do you involve stakeholders and which steps are essential for implementation.

I have worked on this project…

Project Management Officer Financial Economic Crime at Rabobank

At Rabobank, as Project Management Officer, together with my team I was responsible for the scaling up and quality control of outsourcing within Financial Economic Crime (FEC). FEC is a relatively new and therefore challenging concept within which Outsourcing was set up to mobilize additional capacity to contribute to the reduction of the work stock. During my project I contributed to the operational set-up on the one hand by setting up a control and investigations team within which all core tasks were centralized. On the other hand, I contributed to the process-oriented setup by ensuring the correct control reports after which the key findings were incorporated into our monthly controls. Finally, I was responsible for communication within the team: weekly for communication within the MT where data reporting was used to steer production and quality. Monthly through a newsletter that kept the entire team up to date.

All in all, FEC is a very dynamic and constantly changing environment. I have learned to use good stakeholder management to investigate the best way to organize my work processes and then to identify the essential preconditions so that I can do my job and contribute to the big picture.

Liselot tips…

My tip? Look into the world with an open mind. We are often so engrossed in our own thoughts or in our phoneWhen you start a conversation with a stranger on the bus or in the supermarket you end up in the most surprising and beautiful conversations. Believe me, it is well worth trying! 

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