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Samuel Noom

Management Trainee

My relaxed and stable attitude? Certainly not from indifference. My discipline and great sense of responsibility ensure that my affairs are always in order. Whether it's work-related tasks or overseeing a vacation with friends, from a natural firmness I keep calm and maintain focus. And you know what's great about that? It leaves more time and space for fun!





Samuel’s skills…


Quickly and effectively I can separate main and secondary issues. By observing objectively, I know what is important and what can be labeled as noise. This provides order and focus not only for myself, but also for the rest of the team. 

The mirror

I’m good at talking but better at listening. That noise? I easily filter it out, even in personal conversations. This allows me to act as a mirror for my conversation partner, allowing us to really get to the heart of the matter. 


What I see and hear, I report back to you straight away. I think it is very important to be honest, because that way the people around you know what they have to gain from you and you know what you have to gain from yourself. 

Positively practical

Just because I honestly acknowledge things as they are does not mean that I do not support the other person in this. Even when things go completely wrong, I point out the positive aspects to those around me and create a calm setting in which practical thought can be given to the necessary next steps. 

Samuel is curious about…

I love to read. Normally I plunge into non-fiction in order to learn more about the world. However, I recently decided to read the classic novels. What I find so fascinating about this is that for some reason these stories are always applicable and therefore timeless. How is it that some things always appeal to us? What is it that certain writers and artist do, to make their work timeless? That is what I would like to find out. 

Member of HR team

I am part of the human resources team, and my roles are multiple. War Child is active in fifteen countries and part of the HR strategy is to improve organizational alignment by using one HR software, I am responsible for a HR software market analysis that will be implemented worldwide. I also have a role as secretary for the merger set up team where all department heads meet and discuss progress. In this role I am responsible for contacting all active vendors of the organization to discuss contract agreements. All in all, very interesting first assignment both in terms of responsibility and organizational purpose.

Samuel tips…

Recently I visited a Vermeer exhibition at the Rijksmuseum. As I stood looking at The Milkmaid, one of his famous works, I wondered how is it possible that people travel the world to see a Vermeer? With that question in mind, I admired his exhibit and realized that he was able to capture the beauty of everyday things like no other. The beauty that is all around us every day, but that we often no longer see because we have come to consider itordinary. My tip? Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of everyday life. 

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