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Savannah Schouws

Management Trainee

What I want? To try out literally everything! From coming up with fascinating outfits to cooking the craziest dishes; the creative person I am experiences joy by constantly trying out new things. However, a lot of chaotic fuss is the last thing you can expect from me. I perform my work in a structured and perfectionistic way to reach high-quality results!





Savannah’s skills…

Capacity to understand

I easily absorb new information, which came in very handy during my studies. Complex systems or organisational structures? The clicks often fall quickly, making it easy for me to keep up in different contexts. 

The planner

As soon as I get an overview of the situation and information, I like to make a clear planning. My experience in planning several large projects has taught me to prioritise well. 


A promise is a promise, quality is quality. When plans, tasks and deadlines are jointly set, I do everything in my power to stick to them. I have a great sense of responsibility and enjoy helping my colleagues. 

Creative problem solver

Both the quick thinker, the planner and the responsible person in me only want one thing; to find a fitting solution! Dedicatedly, I come up with not only a plan A, but also a plan B and C. Is that not possible, or do all these plans suddenly have to go overboard? Then my creativity comes in handy. 

Savannah is curious about…

Travelling is on the bucket list of many people, but what I am specifically curious about are natural phenomena. I want to see the things that are so magical that you simply cannot believe your eyes. Think, for example, of the northern lights or the pink lakes in Mexico. And, quite honestly? I actually get that feeling already from watching a beautiful sunset in the Netherlands. 

I have worked on these projects

Projectmanager at Coöperatie DELA

At DELA I was projectmanager in the team Staff Funeral Care. In my role I was responsible for the drafting of a manual with work instructions for two departments to optimalise work methods. To standardize responsiblities between two departments requires a healthy amount of stakeholder-management because everyone has their own competencies and working methods. This made my role extremely challenging. My role required me to be eager to learn, open-minded, and autonome. My end product is now being used daily, which I am very proud of. The daily contact with people and the freedom to contribute to different projects is what made this such a fun assignment. 

My manager: “Savannah is helpful and can move quickly, if something unexpected needs to be tackled she does so without any problems.” 

Project Leader at PWN

As project leader, I was responsible for three different projects. I wrote a work description to be used as a checklist for projects on drinking water installations, I was a team leader for the e-learnings where I recorded videos as training material for my colleagues, and I was a process supervisor for mapping and improving collaborations between project leaders and engineers. For all three of these projects, the content was crucial. So it was up to me to collect as much knowledge and as much information as possible, and then weigh it and process it. I was talking a lot with colleagues all over the company and I was regularly on site at the installations. I managed to create a safe environment that allowed my colleagues to dare to be vulnerable and share a lot about their work. As a result, my manager was very satisfied with my analysis. As the assignment progressed, I proved to be the person with the most information from multiple perspectives. This allowed me to contribute ideas and take part in consultations, so I really grew within the company and learned to make my own decisions.

Savannah tips…

Always be yourself! Want to dress exceptionally? Just do it! Do you have a weird idea? Just share it! It can be a bit exciting in the beginning and, yes, with me it was regularly joked about. But in the end, people usually take it well and that’s how you leave an lasting impression. 


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