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Ting Ting Hu

Management Trainee

YES, WE CAN! Setbacks? These will always pop up. Yet, with the right dose of self-confidence, a positive attitude and a clear goal in mind, I get through them resiliently. I motivate the people around me to do the same. It is precisely because I do not avoid negativity that I am able to connect well with others and their situations. Clear communication and mutual understanding enable us to move forward together in an honest and compassionate way. Setbacks? Bring it on!





Ting Ting’s skills…


YES, WE CAN! YES, I CAN! And if not? Then still! Whether in sport or work, my enormous drive makes me persevere until I achieve the desired result. 


Learning by observing or learning by doing? Both! I observe situations or skills and know how to translate these into my own skills at lightning speed. Watching and (subsequently) doing! 

The motivator

In recent years, I have seen that my resilient attitude is contagious. In teams, I like to act as a positive motivator. Not going to succeed by using a certain procedure? Then we will find another method together! 


In everything I do, I try to be loving and open-minded. At the end of the day, we are all human. And you know? Results are easier and more enjoyable to achieve from a basis of mutual understanding! 

Ting Ting is curious about…

I am extremely curious about how the world will evolve the coming years. Around me, I notice that we are becoming more and more self-aware. We treat ourselves, each other and our environment differently. These changes in individual consciousness work their way into the collective consciousness. I am curious about how these changes in the collective consciousness will translate into our physical world. And of course about what my role will be in the unfolding of this process. 

I have worked on this assignment…

Business Analyst at Renewi

At Renewi, I was a Business Analyst in the Product Management and Innovation (PM&I) department. My task was to take project work to the next level, and portfolio management was an important part of this. My project involved implementing a clear project portfolio management system (PPMS). From a management perspective, the goal of this PPMS was to enable the MT to report on projects via dashboards, manage these projects, and oversee the project deliverables. My responsibilities included reviewing the project portfolio, writing associated manuals, managing project management training, and setting up a project documentation structure. Stakeholder management, switching between micro and macro management, analytical thinking and change management were crucial in my role. I am proud of how my solution orientation developed so quickly during this assignment. 

Ting Ting tips…

What I would have liked to pass on to my younger self, is that she could have listened to her feelings more. We often make choices to meet expectations, under social pressure or because we are looking for confirmation. Do you dare to make choices that really belong to you? Or perhaps the better question is: do you dare to live an authentic life? 

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