Reconnect & Reflect: Alumni Lustrum at Ormit Talent

19th of November 2024 • 12:00h – 17:00h

Ormit Talent HQ, Dorpsstraat Vo Steenstraat 85, De Bilt

You must have heard by now, Ormit celebrates its 30th anniversary! Time to reflect on what we stand for, be connected to each other and stay connected. A great theme that fits this is Ubuntu, a word that has its roots in Africa.


We would like to invite you by anniversary year to join us!

Ubuntu: deep awareness of people’s interconnectedness with each other. An inexhaustible source of humanity.  I am, because we are.
Using the “wisdom of the crowd”.

From principle: they are part of Ormit Talent and we are part of them. Who we are, who they are, is thanks to them and they thanks to us.

Date: November 19th
Time: 1.00 PM – 5:00 PM
(Walk-in and enjoy a sandwich at 12:30 PM)
Location: Ormit Talent HQ, Dorpsstraat Vo Steenstraat 85 De Bilt

Values Ubuntu rests on five pillars:


Isintu; The moral ‘being’. Why are we on earth: interconnectedness, freedom in connection


Simunye; We are one, so we accept differences: diversity and equality


Sosholoza; We live as a community: dynamism and togetherness


Ukisisa; We help each other: compassion and caring


Ilima; We reap together: the celebration of ‘we are’: gratitude and reconciliation